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Made for women who ride - by a woman who rides.

Wind Therapy, Complete

These 3 products are the result of nearly 400 test formulas and 20,000 miles in the saddle. Wind Therapy founder Leslie Cook developed and tested the formulas until they each performed better on the road than anything she had found on the shelves. It took 4 years...and now they are available to you.

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"I started using Wind Therapy and it is AMAZING! It keeps the lips and skin from dehydrating and the hair from really tangling. I use a sunscreen on top and never burnt last year at all riding!"


"I can’t comb my tangled hair without this stuff!! Your lip balm also saved my lips this winter - thank you! Next on my list to try is your skin conditioner. Happy Riding!!! 🏍💞"


"Ladies, if you haven't tried the Wind Therapy products, you should!!!!  I used the hair shielding detangler yesterday and rode all day. Guess what...no tangles. (I was wearing a ponytail). And the skin conditioner kept my face from feeling dry and wind burnt... this stuff is AMAZING."


"Super quality. I use the shielding detangler after I shower and before I style my hair. My hair is never in knots, super shiny and easy to comb through after a day of riding. The shielding lip conditioner is always with me when I ride. It's long lasting and softening. I highly recommend the products!"


What's Up?

Women's Sportbike Rally 2018

Wind Therapy is jacked to team up with WSR in celebrating women on sportbikes since 2006! 

West:  July 13-15, 2018  -  Camarillo CA

East: September 7-9, 2018  -  Deal's Gap NC

The Rally welcomes ALL individuals, groups and clubs with a passion for performance motorcycles, including their guests (yes, that means men are welcome). With so much variety in this growing, amazing community of riders, you can guarantee that those who attend are as diverse and unique as the sportbikes they ride. Join us!!

Go to www.womenssportbikerally.com for more information.