What's so "Essential" about Wind Therapy's Essentials Kit?

What makes the Essentials Kit “essential?”

My own experience on the open road... There are just three personal care items I have found absolutely necessary for me when I ride: a lip balm, a moisturizer for my face, and a conditioner to untangle the industrial-strength knots in my hair that only riding can create.

It took years on my bike and in my lab to develop these three products that meet my  standards on the road. If I can’t pack anything else—like a good face cleanser, quality shampoo, eye serums—I know my bases are covered with the Wind Therapy Essentials Kit. This is why they are the only things I make.

In the coming weeks, look for a Focus on all three Wind Therapy products. I will showcase how they each are different, why I created them, and why you might like them too!

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