Biker Chick News - Wind Therapy Review

"In case you're wondering whether you should try Wind Therapy skin and hair products, formulated especially for women who ride, the answer is YES!"  Our latest review, published July 26. Read it here at Biker Chick News!

*Note to readers:  The scent in the Shielding Skin Conditioner is described here as "mediciney." And as she notes, the medicated scent dissipates, rather quickly. The scent fades as the lotion dries, and leaves the goodness there to do its work.

I was actually pleased she put it this way. It gives me an opportunity to agree. I was as serious as a tsunami when I created these formulas. The Skin Conditioner is LOADED with vitamins B3 and B5 and also includes frankincense essential oil.  Each of these is incredibly beneficial for our skin, each has its own scent, and I included significant amounts of them based in the best independent research. :-)  'Cuz I am serious. ;-)


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