Immediate Protection, Lasting Benefits.

Wind Therapy Conditioners were created out of pure necessity by a riding enthusiast as she criss-crossed the country on her HD Iron 883 and BMW F800ST. Leslie Cook is the founder and creator of Wind Therapy.

 "I've been making my own skin and hair products for years. I have a lab in my house with hundreds of ingredients from which to choose and I can create anything I want, knowing the products I rely on are not watered-down. It took 4 years to develop the Wind Therapy line, and now they are all I use--on the road and off ."

And now they are available to you. Wind Therapy Shielding Skin Conditioner, Detangler and Lip Conditioner are a trio of products created to meet the skin and hair care challenges of harsh, drying conditions, wherever life takes you.

Wind Therapy’s advanced formulas blend trusted natural ingredients with performance-based shielding technologies for the face and hair. Central to each Wind Therapy product is a focus on lasting hydration science. Wind Therapy’s advanced formulas use carefully-selected natural oils with superior fatty acid profiles to benefit and provide immediate protection to all skin types. Each Wind Therapy product provides superior hydration and conditioning technology that bonds moisture and antioxidants to skin and hair for lasting benefits.

Wind Therapy incorporates beneficial botanical extracts into each product to enhance performance and provide light natural scents that diminish quickly so customers can still use their own signature scents or choose to remain fragrance-free.

Every ingredient in each product is carefully chosen as the least irritating and most advanced for shielding performance. Wind Therapy products are free of parabens, artificial colors and fragrance. Products are tested on human volunteers--never on animals.

Wind Therapy products and packaging are created and manufactured by small, family run businesses in Minnesota.