My name is Leslie Cook and I am the independent creator of Wind Therapy products. Over many years and hundreds of formula trials, I now have the three products I consider the most essential for life on the road.

I manufacture all my products and packaging in Minnesota by contracting with small, family-owned businesses. I do not answer to executives or shareholders at big corporations, and I do not have big-company agendas.  I am simply a rider who created something specific to the world of biking and outdoor activities--something no one has developed before--and I'm confident that my products will make your hair easier to manage, and help your face retain its youthful glow. 

Wind Therapy began with me making my own skin and hair-care products as a personal challenge.  My usual products did not seem up to the task of keeping find dry lines, rough skin, and windburn at bay.  I needed extremely moisturizing products to help me protect my own lips, skin, and hair as a rider.

I didn't care about these things when I rode back in my 20s. But after a couple of decades--and a renewed commitment to make biking a major part of my life again--it took only a day on the road to see the sudden changes in my skin and hair.  I am now in my 50s.  A fact that tends to shock people when they meet me!  And it is a testament to the products I created and use every day.

Wind Therapy products are a supremely effective response to the aging effects our skin, lips, and hair suffer as riders. The joy of riding brings with it harsh conditions.  We are completely exposed to the sun and wind, which dries our skin and causes premature aging.  It also takes a toll on our hair, which--even with a helmet--can become knotted, knarled, and damaged. Our lips become cracked from the lack of retainable moisture.  Wind Therapy products protect against all of these!

So why name it Wind Therapy? It’s simple. That’s what riding is. That’s what sailing is. That's what skiing is.  Being out in the world, facing it head-on—and loving it.


Leslie Cook, President and Founder