Shielding Skin Conditioner

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Have you ever noticed the fine lines, dehydrated, and fatigued look of your face after a day's ride?  I did.  For me, it was always a little bit of a surprise when I looked in the mirror.  I felt so rejuvenated from a day on the bike, then, bam---what had happened to my face?  

So, I set out to create the richest formula I could to wear underneath my sunscreen when riding.  And after 4 years in the lab, here it is.

Shielding Skin Conditioner is a very rich, protective, anti-aging formula that protects against moisture loss and signs of premature aging from harsh environments. It is enriched with an unusually high level of antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients. This is achieved by not including chemical sunscreens, which typically take 18-28% of a lotion! Apply Wind Therapy only once each in the morning and evening--and use your sunscreen products every two to four hours throughout the day.

Wind Therapy’s unique cationic conditioning technology helps protect skin by forming a resilient, breathable, protective shield. It locks in moisture, nourishing oils without being greasy.

No parabens, artificial fragrance or color.

Very concentrated, the bottle contains over 80 applications in average use.

In consumer testing, 83% of users reported the Shielding Skin Conditioner made their skin feel more moisturized, conditioned, and protected than their usual product.  96% of users valued the light, non-greasy feel.


Apply to clean, WET skin twice daily, morning and night. A little bit of this super-concentrated formula goes a long way. One pump, applied with water, to cover face and neck. Let dry 1 or 2 minutes and continue with desired routine. Follow with a full spectrum sunscreen for uv protection. A splash of water will recharge moisture throughout the day.


Allantoin: skin protectant from the comfrey plant softens skin and promotes rapid cell regeneration.
Aloe Vera: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial; retains moisture, soothing, healing.
Camellia Oil: (Green Tea seed oil) high in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.
Frankincense: antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory; improves skin tone.
Green Tea: powerful antioxidant; protects against free radicals.
Niacinamide: vitamin B3, moisturizing, improves appearance of skin; stimulates collagen synthesis, increases circulation, and reduces acne.
Oleic/Linoleic/Linolenic Polyglycerides: concentrated polyglycerides from the sunflower seed reduces oxidative stress, smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Panthenol: vitamin B5, hydrating; improves skin elasticity and softness.
Red Raspberry Seed Oil: high in omega-3-6 fatty acids and vitamin A; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

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