Sample Kit

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Try all three of Wind Therapy products in one sweet little take-along bag! Perfect for a long weekend getaway. Includes a full-size Shielding Lip Conditioner, and sample-size Shielding Skin Conditioner and Shielding Detangler. 

I had been making my own products for years before I challenged myself to create solutions to the three beauty issues I experience when I ride.  It took nearly 4 years and over 300 formula trials to create these three items that are better than any other products I have tried on skin, hair, and lips. Solving my own problems...and maybe yours, too.

But don't just take my word for it.  In consumer testing:

87% of Shielding Detangler users reported easier detangling in the shower.  91% said their hair felt softer and less prone to tangling than with their usual product.

84% of Shielding Lip Conditioner users reported softer, healthier feeling lips than with their usual balm.  98% noticed the need to apply less often.

83% of Shielding Skin Conditioner users reported it made their skin feel more moisturized, conditioned, and protected than their usual product.  96% appreciated the light, non-greasy feel.

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